In the shadows of Mt. Elgon National Park, many farmers have long believed they must choose between trees and crops. They fear trees are space-hungry competitors, a viewpoint visualized by the barren farmland that starkly contrasts the lush park. But we’re here to challenge this perception. We’re here to make farmers rethink what’s possible, to inspire them to envision a win-win scenario that harmonizes agriculture, the environment, and climate stability.

Through our unique social enterprise, we empower farmers to turn this trade-off into a fruitful partnership. We’re not just providing funds or training about beekeeping, but gifting modern beehives, coffee seedlings and establishing a network of indigenous trees that act as a luscious banquet for the bees.

The incentives for farmers are compelling; the trees nourish the bees, the bees generate honey, and we offer a ready market for this golden nectar and coffee, creating an additional revenue stream for them, a safety net during crop failure periods. This approach not only boosts their resilience but discourages intrusion into the protected area nearby.

But the ripple effects go far beyond the farms. The trees enhance landscape restoration, fortify on-farm biodiversity, improve soil fertility, and assist in climate mitigation. The bees, nature’s tireless workers, are the unsung heroes of food production and ecological balance.

When we hit profitability, we pledge to reinvest 30% of profits into scaling this transformative initiative. So, join us as we strive to reshape the world, one hive at a time!